The Officially Casually project started as a platform to document our personal evolution. During our time studying Martial Arts together in China we realized that on a daily basis we were having spontaneous conversations that were having a profound impact on our view of the world, and of ourselves. By the time we left the school, we wanted to create a space in which we could continue to have conversations of this level regardless of where in the world we were.
This was the beginning of the show.



Yowassup! I'm Rafa. I am an alchemist and a philosopher. For many years I have been studying topics that are on the edges of my understanding, putting me in a position from which I can always offer a different perspective on the universe and its happenings. I also really like Ice Cream : )


Hey there, my name is Eduardo, some people prefer to call me Edward. I'm the guy who always chose the 3 dots (...) dialogue option in TellTale games and one of the heads in this Hydra we call Officially Casually. If you're a listener thank you for your attention but, most importantly, I would love to hear from you. Email:


Hi, I'm Darko and I want to fly to space. That's it 🙂 Well almost. I want to live a meaningful life that is authentic, true to myself and excites me. Space is the end goal that I set for myself. Cause I believe strongly in setting ridiculous goals and not in being "realistic". Goals should inspire us and not feel like a box that we have to check on a to-do list.
Will I ever get there? I don't know and it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it excites me to be alive. And maybe, just maybe, others might feel inspired to go after their own Stars.